Lodge at Cloudcroft

Lodge at Cloudcroft
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

The Night Watchman:  Could you give us some background on the lodge and the story of Rebecca – your resident ghost? Who was she and, if you know, when did she first appear?

Marshall:  The Lodge was originally constructed in 1899 by the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway. It was a tremendously successful resort and became the centerpiece of Cloudcroft. However, on June 13, 1909, The Lodge was destroyed by fire. By 1911, The Lodge was rebuilt on its new scenic location, just a short distance from the original location. Since that time, The Lodge has had improvements and renovations, but the bulk of the historic construction remains virtually unchanged. The Lodge has entertained and hosted hundreds of politicians, artists, entertainers and business leaders. We have even had such notables as Poncho Villa, Judy Garland and Clark Gable. Conrad Hilton was also the manager of The Lodge during the 1930’s. However, the most famous visitor to The Lodge is Rebecca.

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We have limited knowledge of her, but we feel that we have a good idea of who she was. She worked for The Lodge as a chambermaid and performed many general duties. She was known to moonlight in more intimate ways with certain guests. Her seductive red hair and blue eyes well matched her flirtatious nature. Her boyfriend was a lumberjack who most likely worked for the railroad company in their search for timber and railway ties. This meant that he would not see her very often, so she would be able to perform her extra duties without worry. One night he returned without notice, only to find her in the arms of another man. It’s not clear exactly what happened next, but we do know that she was murdered. Many believe that he chopped her up and buried her remains somewhere on The Lodge grounds. Regardless of where her remains may be, her ghost continues to haunt The Lodge to this very day. 

Many of those who work here and visited have reported strange occurrences. It has been said that ashtrays have been seen sliding across tables unassisted, doors open and close for no apparent reason, furniture has moved, lights have turned on and off by themselves, balls of light have floated in different areas, among other unexplained events that continue to be reported. We even have a few reports of people seeing her apparition in various situations, and in one case, a young girl named Rebecca was being escorted down the stairs by the ghost Rebecca. None of the events seem to be threatening or frightening, but more of a fun and playful nature.

I, for one, am thrilled that we are dealing with what seems to be a fairly harmless phenomenon, as opposed to a more violent energy or poltergeist. Let’s just hope no one gets her in a bad mood.

The Night Watchman:  Are there any photos you know of or some sort of physical evidence of Rebecca’s presence? Also, your lodge was featured on “Weird Travels”… Did the crew doing the investigation come up with anything while they were there?

Marshall:  We don’t have any photos of Rebecca or paranormal activity, nor am I aware of anyone that does. No one recalls if anything happened to the crew of Weird Travels, but there was a crew from El Paso that had strange technical problems. I believe it was with KNME. There was a large portion of the tape that didn’t come out right. Their prompter also kept showing garbage.

The Night Watchman:  On our interview, you said The Lodge has a kind of scrap book – stories from your guests – about the strange events that have occurred over the years. Could you elaborate on what one may see in this scrap book and a few examples? Plus any other thoughts about The Lodge you may have.

Marshall:  I can finally provide you with a couple of excerpts from the Rebecca stories book. One of them is quite interesting.
*Editor’s Note: The Lodge has a book at the front desk with stories, written by the guests, of their encounters with Rebecca while visiting The Lodge. 

This occurred in 1992. A few weeks before a couples’ wedding, the woman was awakened by noises outside their door. She shut her eyes to go back to sleep, then heard the door open! The light from the hallway spilled briefly into the room until the door was closed. Now, wide awake, she looked around the room to find out who it was. She became aware of a presence at the foot of their bed. Afraid to look at her, she simply asked what Rebecca wanted. 

“It’s about him,” Rebecca replied, indicating the sleeping man. “Promise you will always, always tell him you love him. It is very important that you always tell him and show him how much he means to you.” 

The woman agreed to take Rebecca’s advice. That was the last time she saw Rebecca, and until her husband passed away, through rough and smooth times, she did her best to abide by Rebecca’s instructions. 

I was touched by that story. 

In another instance, a couple of friends went into the tower and sat down. They claim that Rebecca appeared, sat down with them and proceeded to tell them about an artist’s portrait of her. She said she liked it, but it didn’t have any freckles. Rebecca said she like to play the role of caretaker at The Lodge and even escort certain people – usually without their even knowing.

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The following is a transcript of the Ouija board session held in the Governor’s Suite at The Lodge at Cloudcroft sent to us from the manager at Cloudcroft, Marshall Gladstone. He received it from the group who conducted the session.

After calling for contact with any spirit that had a message for us, the board spelled out the word “QUESTION”. We asked for the name of the spirit we had contacted.

The answer was “BECKY”.

Question: Is this the same spirit that The Lodge refers to as “Rebecca”?

Question: Why do you stay here?

Question: Where is your body?

Question: Do you mean this place?

Question: Do you mean the lumberjack who supposedly killed you? And, if so, what is his name?

Question: Was he ever associated with The Lodge in some way? And, if so, is there a place where we could confirm his existence?
(Note: We did not explore this answer to find out whether it meant the Janitorial office of today or of the 30’s)
Our next question attempted to find out how she was murdered. After getting no response, we decided that Rebecca might not have been murdered in the truest sense of the word. So, we asked:

Question: How did you die?

Question: Did Peter push you?

Question: Did he mean to kill you?

Question: Where did it happen?
(We assume she means the Red Dog Saloon here at The Lodge)

Question: Did anyone see this happen?

Question: Are you interested in going into the light?

Question: Do you know what to do?

Question: Are you afraid?

Question: Of what?

That concludes the transcript that we have from the group. They also told us that they deleted certain questions and answers that were of a personal nature to the participants.

The information about Rebecca is not what is commonly believed. Namely, that she was discovered by her lover in the arms of another man and then murdered. But… who knows? We don’t have much information at all on her.