Life Pattern Cycles

Life Pattern Cycles by Cate
Finding the Rhythm of Your Life

At the age of 37, I went through a major transformation in my life. I had achieved what I had thought I wanted out of my life. You know, that sense that I was “on track”, so to speak. I had a career, a happy marriage and a family. I had it all. Or so I thought.

Suddenly, it was like my foundation was built on quicksand. I was losing my grip on what I had worked so hard to achieve. I had turned 37 in November and, by the following July, I had left a job of eight years, left my husband, and moved to a new home.

So, what does all of this have to do with Life Cycle Patterns?

Well, a wise man once said, “You don’t find books, rather books find you.” I stumbled upon a book by Robin Norwood called, “Why This, Why Me, Why Now”. It seemed to fit my sense of loss just at the right time in my life.

Unbeknownst to me, at that time, Robin had been a celebrated author of books on personal relationship therapy. The inside cover of the jacket told me more than just that, however. It seems that she, too, underwent a transformation on a grand scale, not unlike my own. What twigged for me was that she had undergone seven years of searching from the time of her last book until this one. It occurred to me to look back at where I had been seven years before. It was easy to figure out that I had been 30 years old and, remembering the changes in my life at that time, was quite easy as they were fresh in my mind. I realized that I had undergone another transformation at that time as well.

Energized with this new idea, I grabbed a pen and paper and continued to map out my life. I was looking for highs and lows and times of change and transformation in my life.

Then, it struck me. I had found a pattern. Going back every seven years, I realized that, yes, I had undergone great transformations. The younger I was, the more physical those transformations seemed to be and, as I aged, these became more spiritual in nature.

It became apparent that I was not the only one to discover this pattern in life. As I mentioned earlier, books were finding me all over the place. It was like I was sending out some signal on the astral and not only from books. Other sources and resources were finding me. In brief, what I found, was women (more than men) seemed to be aware of this life pattern cycle and that most were consistent with a seven year rotation.


For me, the search was quite easy. Not that I am equipped with a remarkable memory, but I have kept journals since I was a kid (although back then I called them my “dear diaries”.)

I started with looking at the most recent events in my life. In the year that I was 37 and the year that I was 30, both were transformative years. To test this theory of a seven year cycle, I then kept subtracting seven years from the previous pivotal year. This I discovered to be the ages 23, 16, 9 and 2. Certainly one could argue that there are a great many other highs and lows in one’s life, but the key here was to find something that transformed me from the path I seemed to be following up until that time. The years that corresponded to my early years happened to both be years that my family moved, thus changing the environment that I grew up in. I would think that, although I can’t recall too much from these earlier times, I believe that these two events did change the course of my life. In reviewing my journals, I also discovered that at ages 23 and 16, I again made choices or had changes thrust upon me that were, indeed, taking me in a new direction.


Not everyone has a journal to reference so, sometimes, matching up the year pattern would be helpful. For example, find two years that, in your mind, stand out as not necessarily traumatic, but transformative. Let’s say that two occurrences in your life, that were substantial, were the year you moved out of your parent’s home and went to college, and the year that you landed that new job you had aspired to find. These two events happened roughly in August 1977 and October of 1991. So, let’s say you were probably 18 in 1977; that makes you 32 in 1991.

These two events are about 14 years apart. This doesn’t mean that you have a life rhythm of 14. What I suggest you do is take a look at the years in between, beginning with the middle (seven years). I suggest, if you can, to look closely at the time between August and October in 1984. These months correspond to the months in between the two events you already established. From this point, you can continue with a pattern, going back in time, to find those milestone markers.


So, let’s say that you have so many substantial events in your life that you can’t make heads or tails of what you have in front of you. Going back to the example, I’ll enhance it. Focusing on the period between 1977 and 1984, there are three other major events. In 1978, you moved residences to be with your partner. In 1979, you both moved to a new city to take on your first jobs after college. In 1982, your partner and you separated and, later that year, you moved to a smaller apartment. By the end of 1983, you had fallen in love again and then that partner moved out of the city for a job transfer.

The emotional highs of your love life in this period were probably quite traumatic and you might mark 1978, 1982 and 1983 as milestones. However, if you look at that entire period, you can find a theme occurring. Moving residences and moving through relationships. It’s a period of emotional growth (finding your life partner) and about geographical transitions. Now, you can take this idea of themes and find the most common denominator in each cycle that you previously marked out. I have found that most people have seven years of similar issues. They can be as simple as a cycle of rest or a complicated period of many changes including jobs, residences and partners.

In the end, what you should find is that each phase brought you in a new direction. Each cycle offers you an opportunity to learn and experience things that will help you in the next phase of your path. Some might call these karmic lessons. It’s been my experience that when I now look back on certain periods of my life cycles, I feel that sense of relief that I have completed that and have moved on (and I am not just referring to fashion of the 80’s).


There are some people out there that just feel there is nothing of consequence to create milestones from. A bit of prodding and even some skimming through old photo albums usually induces the memories required to get the outline of a life cycle. And, to be honest, there are people that truly have had rather quiet, peaceful lives. Initially, I thought to myself, how lucky! Then again, my life experiences have all been steps that have brought me here to the person I am now. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. On that note, however, there is a belief in reincarnation circles that every seven lives, you will come back and live out a quiet, contented life. That, however, is a discussion for another article.


Well, for me, it has been a sense of relief. I believe that in each of my life pattern cycles, I have had a karmic lesson (or lessons) to achieve. Some harder than others and some more spiritual. Knowing this pattern has helped me to keep my head about me as these past seven years have been like walking through fire. I have not only gone through the most tremendous amount of change in my life spiritually this time, but also have learned karmic lessons of attachment and letting go. I have suffered the harshest phase of finances in my entire life, but I have also had many new gifts revealed. In my pattern, I am about to leave behind this cycle and start a new one. This gives me a renewed sense of energy for my life journey as I look forward to turning 44.


October 31, 1963 – Birth
1964 – Nothing Remembered
1965 – Nothing Remembered
1966 – Nothing Remembered
1967 – Nothing Remembered
1968 – Nothing Remembered
September 1969 – Started 1st Grade

Cate’s comment: Fair enough to say that for the “first” phase of your life, that you recall nothing. Probably would have been a “PERIOD OF REST.”

1970 – Nothing Remembered
1971 – Nothing Remembered
1972 – Nothing Remembered
1973 – Moved from town to country in Maryland
1974 – Nothing Remembered
June 1975 – Moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania
June 1976 – Moved back to Maryland – parents separated

Cate’s comment:  1969 to 1976     “PERIOD OF PHYSICAL MOVEMENT”: You had many moves which is not common to that lifestyle in that decade. Many relationship breakups, most remarkably your parents, but also the loss of friends by moving.

June 1977 – Moved back to Pennsylvania – parents back together
1978 – Nothing Remembered
1979 – Nothing Remembered
June 1980 – Moved to Minnesota with parents
May 1981 – Graduated, major surgery in July, moved from home to start school in August
December 1982 – Moved back to graduating town – pregnant
February 1983 – First child born – married in June

Cate’s comment: 1977 to 1983     “PERIOD OF RESETTLEMENT”: Last of moves with family – transition marked by your parents getting back together.

November 1984 – Moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for full time job
1985 – Nothing Remembered
December 1986 – Father passed away – pregnant again
April 1987 – 2nd child born
1988 – Nothing Remembered
August 1989 – Divorced
January 1990 – Met another guy – 3rd child born in December

Cate’s comment: 1983 to 1990     “PERIOD OF RELATIONSHIP CHANGES ”   (births, deaths, divorces)

1991 – Moved to Iowa and bought house
1992 – Nothing Remembered
October 1993 – Ex-husband died – finances improved
1994 – Partner left – met another guy – started business – pregnant again
September 1995 – 4th child born – moved to another town in Iowa
1996 – Nothing Remembered
1997 – Running two businesses

Cate’s comment: 1990 to 1997     “PERIOD OF FINANCIAL GROWTH”     (jobs, businesses, finances)

1998 – Nothing Remembered
1999 – Partner started business – sold other business
June 2000 – Moved to another town – paying 3 mortgages
2001 – Moved back to other town – partner sold business
January 2002 – Started working on 1st book – partner left and came back in July
April 2003 – Partner left for good

Cate’s comment:  1997 to 2004  This is a phase of   “FINANCIAL CHANGES THAT WERE TIED TO OTHER PEOPLE” .  In this phase, it would seem that although you had many options for business, your choices in financial gain were dictated by others. Once you ended the relationship in April 2003, you moved on.  

January 2004 – Found new man – moved to a town farther away in Iowa – started job in November
January 2005 – Layed off from new job until March – started website and magazine – paranormal research
2006 – Got married, began editing books for others
January 2007 – Worked on furthering education – now a certified hypnotist and dream interpreter
2008 – Continued to edit books, began doing workshops on metaphysical subjects
2009 – Began new business – dealing with many family issues

2004 – This is where you began a new life cycle with your new partner. Although you began with career changes that seemed to be out of your control, you are likely being pushed into a more independent style of earning a living. I would suggest that this next seven years of your life will be about being independent in your career moves, and that you have a stability with your new partner.