A Time Traveling Machine

A Time Traveling Machine – A Hyper-Dimensional Resonator by Paul Dale Roberts

A Time Traveling Machine

I received a tip from HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-Training, Nancy Towne. She came across a Mr. U, who claims to own a time traveling machine called a Hyper-Dimensional Resonator. This machine which costs roughly $300.00 is able to transport you into time, either in your astral form or physically. I have heard of this machine, that was created by Steven L. Gibbs. Steven L. Gibbs was a guest on Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell. In fact, he had given Art Bell one of these machines.      

Basically, the theory of this time traveling machine is that it can disrupt the electromagnetic waves similar to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, in which a 36 gun sailing frigate actually disappeared in what appeared to be a green fog and rematerialized in another area miles away. When they went on board the USS Philadelphia, they found that some of the crew members had their bodies fused into the interior body of the ship. The sailors that survived this ordeal went mad and all were eventually institutionalized.      

The Hyper-Dimensional Resonator works on a lower level of disruption of the space/time continuum. This machine comes with an instruction manual warning the reader that during periods of time traveling, they could enter other dimensions or even encounter a demon, in which they could become possessed. It even gives the antidote for demon possession.      

One of the best ways to use this machine, is by first locating a dimensional vortex nearby using dowsing rods. When you’ve discovered the vortex, turn the machine on, place the electrical wiring headband on, think of the time period you would be most comfortable at and start rubbing the ‘rubbing plate’ for either astral or physical transportation. The machine is equipped with a ‘witness well’ where a crystal is placed in the well to identify the user.      

How did the inventor Steven L. Gibbs come up with the idea of this machine? He claims to have been visited by a futuristic time traveler, that gave him the instructions for this black metallic machine that is connected to a large electro magnet.      

Mr. U told me that he has not experimented in time traveling with this machine and has been using it for health reasons. He feels that the machine does accommodate his health care. I asked Mr. U if he could turn on the machine, so I could go back into the time period of 1875, New Mexico, so I could meet and talk with Billy the Kid. Mr. U would not turn on the machine, he was worried that bad consequences could occur and he did not want to be held liable for any misfortune that could befall me. This was reasonable but, unfortunately, it did not assist me in my quest to see if a time machine actually does exist or if this contraption actually works.      

Time travel is a feasible theory. If a wormhole were to be created for July 2002 with its open mouth vortex centered in Chicago and grew in length to January 2008 with its open mouth vortex in Elk Grove (where I live at), then on the Quantum physics level, I would be able to enter the mouth opening of the wormhole on January 2008 in Elk Grove and arrive in Chicago July 2002. My body would have to quantumize into subatomic particles during entry and reassemble itself at arriving to the exit of my destination.      

Do I think we have the technology or the intellect for such experimentation? My answer is ‘no’. Perhaps ancient civilizations from other galaxies may have this knowledge. If aliens who visit our planet were able to travel millions of light years to arrive on Earth, then they would be the likely candidates of bending the space/time continuum for time travel. They may even use the ‘collapse theory’.      

The collapse theory involves taking a piece of paper, marking one end “A” and the other end “B”, then folding the paper in half, bringing A and B together instantly. This is sort of a Stargate method of space travel.      

I also believe that time travel can happen right here on Earth via accidental flukes of nature. Example: The Versailles Time Slip. To briefly tell you what happened, there were two older women (Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain) who walked into a mist in Versailles, near the Palace Gardens. They were instantly transported to the Renaissance Era, the time before the French Revolution. As they observed everything that was occurring in this time period, they discovered that they were like “phantoms”, unable to alter history. The people of this time period were unaware of their presence.      

They were able to read a book that a young lady in a park was holding as they stood over her. The only entity that was aware of their presence was a sinister small man wearing all black. Some people have theorized that this was an entity that is able to move about in the spectrum of time periods with ease, and some have even theorized that this entity may be the conventional ‘Men In Black’.      

The ladies, when re-entering the mist, found themselves back in their own time period and recounted their tale of time travel to local authorities. What made this case of time travel so unique is that the book they managed to read was a rare book in their time period of 1901 and only a few still existed. The ones that existed were inaccessible to the public, but the women were able to quote off the words from the pages that had been open to them. With this type of verification, it appeared that their claims of time travel were valid. There have been similar cases of time travel. This is just one of the stories.      

As I finished my interview with Mr. U, it appeared that he had some other paranormal stories to tell. He told me that when he lived in Pescadero, CA, he encountered a black image, almost like it was a wall and could not determine how this black image appeared or where it came from. As he looked at this black wall image that was in the hallway of his Pescadero home, it vanished as fast as it appeared.      

In the home he lives now, which is 50 plus years old, he has witnessed the same man twice walking up to his doorstep and when he answers the door, the man is not there to greet him. He said that the man was 5′ 8″, had black hair and was in his mid-30s. His dog, Socks, a border collie mix, has been spooked while in the house, as if he saw something and Mr. U was unable to see it. Footsteps have been heard throughout the house when there is no one around to make those footstep noises. There has been an odor in this home, but an odor that resonates of goodness or something positive. He was not able to explain the odor. He tells me that Socks once became very excitable and, just a few minutes later, he learned on the news that there was an Earthquake in Oregon.      

On another level of the paranormal, he witnessed a cigar shaped UFO near his home and, while watching it, the UFO blinked into nothingness. Mr. U is an experienced Army pilot and knows what planes look like. This was something he’d never seen before. His last story was that his wife once saw a mother ship near the Hercules Power Plant and, as his wife watched the UFO, a bunch of smaller UFOs came out of the mother ship to make flight through the dawn sky.