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By Diana Akroyd

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     How fortunate we are in this day and age to be able to use modern technology with which to better understand exactly how the spirit realm works in relation to our own, fleshly plane. Via this article I would like to share with you a few different types of spiritual energy manifestation photographs and lend some understanding as to how itís all possible.
    There are many ways in which spirit energy manifests itself. Spirits are composed of energy and matter that is of a finer material than our human scientists have yet discovered. In order to manifest, they simply change their composition. They can manifest in many forms. Just to name a few, there is orb form, mist form, light form, shadow form, in mirrors and reflective surfaces including water, they can even use smoke and fire to manifest.  All of this is done by using fleshly plane energy to assist them in their manifestations.
     Below is an example of this type of phenomenon in which spirits utilized the energy of a television set with which to manifest their spiritual energy. The television was on, but not tuned in to any particular channel. It was simply a blank screen. There are two consecutive pictures in which the process was captured that show the energy manifesting and then extending beyond the television screen. Please take note of the following things in the pictures below:

1. The energy extends beyond the TV set, yet none of it is reflected in the window to the right of the TV set. If it were a normal, fleshly plane energy rather than spiritual energy, the light you see extending beyond the TV would also be reflected in the window.

2. If it were simply a blur or camera flare, the TV itself would be blurred along with the background, but note that it is not.

This is another photograph taken on another day containing another symbolic message:

Some things to understand about spiritual photos are:

1. All spirit photos produce faces and other identifiable casts regardless of what position the pictures are rotated to because the spirit realm has no up, down or sideways as there is in our plane of existence.

2. They always give messages in visual and lettered detail which is often abbreviated. The lettering and symbols all pertain to the many facets of the message given. If the message is "Sending Love from Grandma," the message may come across as "S L F G" or perhaps "S" then a heart symbol, then "F G."

3. Spirits communicate with us via our minds. Deciphering spiritual pictures comes from gazing into the pictures and permitting your guides to help you by communicating through your mind to help you understand what the message is that is being relayed in the photograph.

Here he is again on another day using the same mirror. The first is the full version and the second, cropped:

And again he shows up in a mirror, but this time it was taken by a friend of mine who at the time lived 1,500 miles away. Again, the full picture is first and the second is cropped with the lighting slightly altered to enhance his manifestation of energy. If you look closely at all of these photos, you will see that they are a conglomeration of many spirits casting at  once.

And finally, a third manifestation of a small child (a relative of mine who has crossed over) in the same hand-held mirror.

Over the past three years I have taken literally thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of video. The results are always as varied and yet at the same time similar, because the techniques being used to manifest are the same. Spirits are not under the same physical laws as we are, those of us who are still living on the fleshly plane, but they are able to manifest using our fleshly plane energy. Next we will examine yet another form of energy manifestation.

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