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Adele Ford
Taken in her garden in the UK on October 18, 2005 and each orb enlarged by Tommy Borms of Belgium. Pic 1 shows the enlargement of the brightest whole orb and of the "doughnut" orb next to the telephone pole near the bottom right. Pic 2 is self-explanatory.

By Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Ph.D.

     Several years ago (or should I say "Once upon a time, long ago and far away?"), somehow, someway, I was "pushed" to a website about Light Orbs. You know how that happens. You begin looking for one thing on the Internet and, before you know it, you are miles away looking at something else that is in some way remotely connected to the original search. Voila! The delightful chaos of the Universe has taken you to the exact, precise place where you "need" to be whether you consciously know it or not.
     So... there I was at the website of a young man who had been "told" that he was to sit in a particular place close to a dam near his hometown to wait for "something". He sat - as I recall, for nearly a month. One day, he saw a rip in the fabric of space/time and through that dynamic rent in our continuum appeared a Light Orb that told him that they were here to assist in the advance of humanity and to bring their knowledge to mankind.
     Inasmuch as I am ever researching quantum physics and the way the Spirit and Soul work with the physical, I was very excited and read his website from top to bottom. Though there was a bit of fear expressed there on his part (I do not ascribe to fear - what you concentrate on is what comes into your life), I could see the depths of the longing of the Light Orbs to create a possible connection with the human race. Somewhere in all of the pictures and conjectures, there was a phrase that read (and I am paraphrasing here), "We will be with you whenever you call us. Simply call upon us and we will appear."
     Whereas the fellow who was hearing these words felt that this would be a good way to bring the Light Orbs to leaders of different nations and religions, I was more attracted to the fact that these beings are available. Period. They ARE available - to you, to me, to whomever wishes to call upon them. That was, and is, the message I got from this website and decided that the next time my meditation group met, I was going to ask the Light Orbs to become present for me. That is exactly what I did.
     The following Wednesday evening, when the meditation group met, after I led everyone into the space of silence, I requested the Orbs to be present with me. Wham! All of a sudden, I "knew" that I had three Light Orbs connecting with me consciously, giving me information somewhat like a computer download, right into my brain cells and my conscious awareness. They talked about the creation of the Omniverse, the most advantageous way to access the Source and how the realm of quantum physics brings us to the precise moment and the most perfect space to access our origin.
     I was absolutely mesmerized and as the meditation time came to a close, I said to them (in my mind), "Thank you. Thank you. You may go now. I've got it."
     Their response was: "Oh, no, once you have accessed us, we are with you forever. We are infinitely united and we will be with you always. Call upon us whenever you wish. We will be there for you."
     A personal note - during the time that this was occurring, my ex-husband was living with me. It was not working out. I had asked him to leave several times and he had refused. Without going into the gory details, let us simply say that I would have been relieved had he decided to live elsewhere.
     As these feelings accelerated, I began to get this very strong, and unusual, urge to keep the light turned on in the Master Bathroom with a feel of expectancy that something was going to happen. I did not mention this to him and I also did not leave the light turned on. I was feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation.
     One night I could tolerate it no longer. I left the Master Bath light turned on, partially closed the bathroom door and told him that I had a feeling that I "needed" to do this. His response was, "What do you think is going to happen?" I didn't know - at that time.
     Just before going to bed, I saw small, really very tiny, light orbs floating around the Master Bathroom. Floating? No, really sailing - in and out of my view - actually moving quite quickly. I let it happen and went to bed.
     In the middle of the night, I awoke knowing that something was happening in the house, yet not knowing what I was going to experience. Then, in my quite awake and conscious view, an enormous Light Orb emerged from the Master Bathroom doorway and moved ever so silently through the bedroom. If I had been able to measure it, I would guess that it would be about three feet in height and 18 inches in width. It moved very slowly from the Master Bath through the bedroom and out the far bedroom wall. I attempted to create any logical reason for its appearance. Could it be headlights from the street parallel to the house? Not unless headlights could go through solid walls, my mind said. Am I certain I am awake? Pinch yourself. I was never more awake.
     The next morning, I told my ex-husband what I had experienced the night before. His reply was the he was leaving right now and would not return. This is exactly what he did. I breathed a sigh of relief.
     The morning after this unique experience, when I was taking a shower, I asked the Light Orbs why they had appeared in that way. The answer was clear and adamant, "So he would leave." This relationship is over.
     Time passed, years passed. Now I am at La Push Ocean Park on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I was taking pictures at night to see if I could capture more Light Orb photos. There were so many that I knew there was, and is, a message from them that was forthcoming. I asked them, "Why so many of you?" The response came quickly, "To get your attention. We are the Guardians of Your Souls. We are here to respond to the cry of mankind to find its peace. We bring solace to all of you."
     The Orbs told me that I would be able to access them to bring information to others regarding their soul's mission. I put this information on my webpage. Not too long after doing so, I was emailed by a lady in Canada who told me that I had brought her peace.
     Evidently, her older son had come home to die. Just before leaving this plane, he told her he was going to become a "Guardian of the Soul". Since that experience, whenever she takes pictures of her younger son, he is surrounded by a great Light Orb, especially when in circumstances of potential danger. Yes, indeed, Guardians of our Souls they are.
      Blessings of Light to you all - we are so supremely connected within the Oneness.

Angie Christie
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A odd looking cluster orb

Bernie & Denise
Taken at an old chapel within Cheshire countryside in June 2005. The bright light in the center of the 1st photo has been enlarged in the 2nd photo revealing this "cluster orb."

The Night Watchman & Chris
These two photos were taken seconds apart on June 15, 2005 in Elmwood Cemetery in Lamoille, Iowa. The 1st photo shows the formation of a small yellow orb which continued to grow to become the larger orb in the 2nd photo.




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