@ Eighteen Hundred Hours

A Drive Through Time

A Strange Journey

Alternate Me

Astral Experience

Astral Spying

Astral Travels

Bomber Planes of the Past

Could Deja Vu Be A Form of Time Travel?

Dimensional Shifts

Experience on the Nile

Here One Minute - Gone the Next

Hyper-Dimensional Resonator: A Time Traveling Machine

Inviso Power

Is It All in the Name?

Journey to the End of the Earth

Lying On Ma Bed Sleeping

Parallel Universes

Past Life or Something in the Water

Reliving an Alien Past Life

Seeing Double

Seeing Through a Dino-Crocs Eyes

The Ashtabula Bridge Disaster - The Medium's Experience

The Astral Heavenly Train

The Carpenter's Foot

The Farm in Knox County, Ohio

The Missing Undercarriage and The Filthy Viking

Time Acceleration

Time Loss and Experiencing Double

Time Rift

Transported Supernaturally?

Two Worlds

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Visit to a Strange City

Was This My Husband?

What Do I Believe?

When the Clock Strikes... What "Time" Is It Really?

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