1:11, 2:22, Etc.

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1:11, 2:22, Etc. by Christina M. Schumacher

In the early part of 2003, my 15 year old son uttered a sound of exasperation while walking through the kitchen. Normally, I wouldn’t have paid it much attention as he tended to be quite moody most of the time due to his age, but this sound was different from what I was accustomed to hearing. I asked him what was wrong. He pointed at the digital clock on the stove which read 3:33. Shrugging my shoulders, I waited for him to explain what the big deal was. Apparently, for about six months, every time he passed a digital clock, it would read 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. It had gotten to the point where it was truly bothering him though I really found it quite harmless. Without much sympathy, I told him that if it bothered him that much, not to look at a digital clock. This was kind of difficult, however, as the stove and microwave were both digital and he refused to wear a watch. The only clock in the house that wasn’t digital was in my office.

For the next several months, I would hear him make that sound of frustration and knew immediately what it meant. The digital clock had gotten him again. I have no knowledge of when it stopped for him, but I began noticing that when I would take a break from my computer to go into the kitchen to refresh my coffee, the digital clock on the stove would read 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. I didn’t think much of it until I began seeing these numbers two and three times a day. Suddenly, I understood my son’s frustration, but it also piqued my curiosity.

Sometime shortly after this, my youngest daughter, then seven, called my attention to the digital clock on the stove. It read 2:22. I remembered that she had been with us the day that my son told me that he had a problem with the clock. Despite this, I asked her why she had pointed it out to me and she stated that it had been happening to her a lot. She didn’t only see the numbers that my son and I were seeing, but also 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, etc. That did it! I was hooked!

At my first opportunity, I asked my son if he was still seeing anything on the clock. He said no. I asked him when it had stopped and he thought that it had been a few months earlier. After some calculations, I determined that it appeared that my daughter and I began seeing the numbers about the time that my son had stopped seeing them. I couldn’t be completely certain of this, but I knew the timing was close. This could mean only one thing! However it worked, my son had passed it on to us which released him from what we had begun to term “the clock curse.” But why? What was the purpose of seeing those numbers at all?

I mentioned the situation to my mom, my other two daughters (ages 12 and 20) and a few other people in the hopes of coming up with similar stories. I didn’t receive the information that I’d hoped for. They listened, thought it was odd, but hadn’t had any kind of similar experience. I kept seeing the numbers each day and knew when my youngest saw them too as the sound she made nearly mirrored the sound of frustration that her brother had made.

At some point over the next month or so, my youngest daughter stopped seeing them, though again, I couldn’t say exactly when. I continued to see them just as often, however. Some days, depending on my mood, seeing those numbers would frustrate me, and other times, it would just drive me crazy wondering why I kept seeing them. 

I had been living with this mystery for about nine months or so when I finally discovered another person who had been experiencing the same numbers on the digital clock as I was. His name… The Night Watchman. We began dating in January 11 of 2004. I thought that I might be able to pass the clock numbers on to him as my son had done inadvertently to me and my youngest daughter. All I had to do was have him look at the numbers when they came up. We discussed it first, however, only for me to find out that he’d been seeing the numbers for several years. Neither one of us could come up with a reason for it, but as the months rolled on, it continued to happen – even when we were together.

I began working on gathering stories for more books and the first category was “Odd Stories.” To get the idea across of what I needed for this category, I gave a brief description of my clock situation. The stories began coming in for all of the categories, but one of the stories hit close to home for me in the clock area. The story was entitled “315” and is the story before this one in the Number Stories section. Due to this story, I began to look at the clock numbers differently. They were no longer just numbers, but messages, though I still wasn’t certain what they meant.

A week or so later, I was awakened in the morning, before my alarm clock went off , by someone telling me to look at the calendar while keeping the clock numbers 1:11 in my head. I’m certain it was a dream, but nevertheless, it woke me. I got up, went to the calendar and turned the pages back to January. There it was staring me right in the face. I had written down when the Night Watchman and I had begun dating. It was January 11th or 1:11. Needless to say, I was excited by this find, but still unsure of its meaning. Not having anything to compare it to, I had only my own speculations.

The Night Watchman and I both continued to see the numbers on the clock, both together and apart, regularly. I had another dream that I looked at the clock and it read 5:55. I panicked, actually sitting up in bed and shouting, “The Night Watchman is late for work!” I startled the Night Watchman who had been sleeping soundly beside me. He jerked upward to look at the clock which read only 10:30 p.m. I apologized and we went back to sleep. The next day I contemplated the dream, but could not come up with any reasonable explanation for it.

The numbers 4:44 and 5:55 became constant images on a daily basis. My life was changing as I decided, due to finances, to give up my home to my ex and find a home to rent. It was difficult finding one large enough for three kids and myself, but harder to find one that would let me keep my Schnauzer. Finally, I had a nice house rented and it was time to move the furniture. My son and I had moved all the boxes throughout the previous week, so the furniture moving only took two loads on a trailer. We were done much faster than I expected with only five of us to move it all. Once finished, the Night Watchman and I went up town for a drink. As we sat at the bar, the Night Watchman wrote out a check.

“It’s 4:44,” he said as he looked at me. There was no digital clock in the bar, the Night Watchman did not wear a watch, and my watch was not digital.

Seeing my confusion, he said, “April 4 of ’04.”

It clicked for me immediately. The wheels began turning. Here I had two situations coinciding with the clock numbers and major changes in my life. The first was 1:11 when the Night Watchman and I had gotten together, and the second was 4:44 when I’d moved from the home I’d had for eight years into a new home that I didn’t own. Amazing!

I began to think back to the previous April of 2003 when my live-in from eight years decided to leave me. At that time, I spent a lot of time talking to my Spirit Guides and asking if I would ever have a normal, happy life. I wanted to know if I would ever meet someone that would stand by me and allow me to do the same. I played with the tarot cards asking the same question and they continually told me that I would have to wait until November, December and January. It was shortly after talking to my Guides and asking for some kind of sign that they could hear me that I began seeing the clock numbers, but obviously, I didn’t put two and two together right away.

Fast forwarding to March of 2005, I began delving into the numbers again for this website. I was determined to have some kind of explanation for myself, and others, to explain why these numbers are a part of our lives.

The first step was to keep a journal through March. This journal was not just of number sightings, but of what went on throughout each day to try to coincide the numbers with some event. Though time was a factor (no pun intended) due to my fulltime job, website upkeep, email sending, kids, house and ghost investigations, I actually managed to get all but two days logged for the month of March.

The results are as follows:
 10:10 – March 1 (twice), March 9, 18 and 24.
 11:11 – March 11 (twice), and March 19.
 12:12 – I never saw this number through the entire month.
 1:11 – March 1, 13 and 28.
 2:22 – March 6, 7, 9, 11, and 29.
 3:33 – March 4, 6, 9, 15 and 27.
 4:44 – March 21 and 27.
 5:55 – March 3, 5, 8 (twice), 9, 22 and 25.

While keeping track in the journal, I was also researching on the web anywhere I could find information about numbers. In this research, I noticed that many people were also seeing 666, 777, 888 and 999, but I had not experienced this. Toward the end of the month, I saw the number 777 on March 26, 888 on March 27, and 999 on March 27. Coincidence? I’d say yes, but I don’t believe in coincidence.

Obviously, I cannot put the entire journal in this article, but there seemed to be patterns for the Night Watchman and I in these numbers that popped up throughout the month. Had I kept track of what he had been seeing as well, it might have given even more insight. What we have determined so far is that each number represents something important within our lives and gives us the “heads up” a day or two early.

For us, 10:10 seems to be the number of reassurance. No matter what happens, if 10:10 appears to us, we know that everything is going to work out just fine. We are not at all sure about 11:11 as yet. However, it was interesting that it showed up twice on March 11. In looking back at the journal for these dates, I spent those days mostly alone as the Night Watchman had work commitments. This is significant because we aren’t often away from one another. The number 1:11 seems to coincide with our relationship with one another and what we are doing together to further our futures. This was the date that we came together and seems to keep holding the pattern. It seems that the meanings of 2:22 and 3:33 are eluding us in meaning. Looking back at the journal, it seems that 3:33 has something to do with friends as the number always pops up on the day of or the day before we speak to a certain couple we are close to. I have an inkling that 2:22 has to do with money as each entry where I saw 2:22 had something to do with either spending money or gaining money from somewhere. We’ve determined that 4:44 has to do with major changes in our lives. For example, I saw it on March 21 and my second granddaughter was born March 22 at 6:39 a.m. Remember, above I mentioned that the numbers give us a “heads up” a day or two early. Rarely does it happen the day of seeing the numbers.

Now we come to 5:55. This number is one that we’ve come to dread seeing, although I suppose that we should be thankful in some way, but I haven’t determined how to be thankful as of yet for this. This number appears to be a warning for bad things to come. Upsetting situations, heavy duty arguments, unusual circumstances with the kids – that kind of thing. Oftentimes, I will see 10:10 either a day before or a day after seeing 5:55 which tells me that things will turn out okay no matter what comes our way, but it doesn’t make that dread of not knowing any easier. The Night Watchman believes that if we both see 5:55, then the warning is canceled out. This seems to be the case unless we see it on the same clock at the same time. When this happens, it is best for us to heed the warning and to make sure that we don’t allow ourselves to get into a fight which is about all we have control over when this number pops up.

Keep in mind that just because this is how the numbers seem to work for us, it doesn’t mean that we are totally correct in our assumptions. However, with more information to continue our investigation, we hope to be able to unravel this mystery even further.

For those who only see one number or two numbers on a regular basis, try to decipher what is happening to you at that moment and time and keep track if you can. Something may be staring you right in the face that you never thought of before. I’ve also heard from some that when you see the number, you should take a deep breath, and concentrate on that number for a moment. Some say when you do this, you will receive a message of some sort. Maybe verbal, maybe a picture in your head, maybe just a thought, but it may work. I have never taken the time to take that brief moment as usually the numbers are seen when I am quite busy or there is much noise around me. At these times, I don’t think to take that moment, but I am going to attempt it soon, just to see what happens.