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On the Road Again

On the Road Again by Christina M. Schumacher Effigy Mounds Dickeyville, Wisconsin Grotto Tomorrow, we’re on the road again. This will be the second time in just a few months that we’ve just taken off and spent a little time … Read More

Malaysian Supermarket Ghost

Malaysian Supermarket Ghost by Christina M. Schumacher A video has been making its rounds recently involving a man in a supermarket in Malaysia who walks in, opens a cooler door to get a drink, then suddenly appears to become possessed … Read More

Traveling Time

Traveling Time by Christina M. Schumacher There has been a lot going on in our lives lately, so we decided to take a little four day trip. The main purpose is to attend the Night Watchman’s great nephew’s first communion … Read More

What Are We Not Being Told

What Are We Not Being Told www.janetripp.com What Are We Not Being Told? There is a great deal of song and dance going on in our world – things that we are not privy to because the powers that be … Read More

House Facelift

House Facelift by Christina M. Schumacher With the last update, I shared that I was painting our living room… well, things have progressed from there. The living room, having given it a white primer, then two coats of antique white, … Read More

Wild Animals

Wild Animals For anyone who enjoys creating with Photoshop, the pictures in this section can be used freely. The Night Watchman and I have taken these photos ourselves over the years and we have no problem sharing them with you. … Read More

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