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Transported Supernaturally

Transported Supernaturally by Rudy Martin There are not enough words for me to prove the truth of this story. I can only wish you had been there with me. This occurrence will give an idea of the prodigious way to … Read More

Taxi Medium

Taxi Medium by Elizabeth I lost my husband through a tragic accident on February 1999. Going through that kind of pain was very hard. Strange as it is, somehow, I think I knew ahead of time that a tragedy was … Read More

Spirit Communication and Proof

Spirit Communication and Proof by Christina M. Schumacher Since the inception of The Night Watchman Chronicles website three years ago, I have gotten numerous emails from people claiming that they’ve never had a paranormal experience but they really enjoy reading … Read More

Speaking to the Deceased by Phone

Speaking to the Deceased by Phone by Esteban Acosta The names in this story have been changed to protect those involved. My wife called me on August 1, 2008 to share something incredible that had just happened to her. She … Read More

The Man with the Lantern

The Man with the Lantern by Charles Childes Many an evening, when living in my hometown, I would enjoy walking late afternoon and into twilight. I would walk down through the village and to the harbor which was world famous … Read More

The Ghosts of Coombehead

The Ghosts of Coombehead by Hannah Dixon A few weeks back, a lady who my mum used to see around at work, came up to see my dad about a quote for some work. She is well-known to be a … Read More

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